Pumpkin Park

Ever Tried Milking a Cow? Ever Tried a Combine Slide?

So many fun things to do at The Roth Pumpkin Patch!

Rollicking Rides and Slides

Kids can speed down the giant double barrel slides, the combine slide, and then race each other on the Pedal Trike Track! Then let them relax with a ride in the Pumpkin Barrel Train or on a Hayrack Ride! Check out the Straw Bale Maze and jump on our Jumbo Jumpy Pillow!  Scale Pumpkin Peak, play in the Corn Bin Sandbox and then learn how to milk Molly the (wooden) Cow or ride a Buckin’ Bronco!

Parental supervision is recommended for all rides and slides. Our park attractions are suitable for children 2 to 12 years old.

Pumpkin Playground

The sprawling Pumpkin Playground is just what kids love! To run and play and just enjoy, well, being kids. And who doesn’t love seeing those smiling, happy faces! At the Roth Pumpkin Patch, we love seeing memories made and families and friends spending some much-needed, quality time together.

From fun rides & slides to farmyard friends, pumpkins, and yummy food, we hope your family creates a whole lot of unforgettable memories at the Pumpkin Patch!

Barn Snacks:

Meet New Farm Friends

Visit our lambs, goats and their barnyard friends:


have some fun with us at Roth Pumpkin Patch!

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